Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I Wonder...

Today, I have another practical. Well, it is about some microorganisms named E.coli. Sounds familiar? It is actually found in guts and intestine of animals and humans as well. It actually smell kind of weird like the smell in pet shop. Kind of weird, I wonder why.

As I was doing my practical today, I encountered many new equipments which I never see before in my entire life. It is not because I never concentrate in school, it is just that school don't have such equipments. One of it was centrifuge. I had only learn about it theoretically but never have a chance to see it and use it. Today is that day of breakthrough of me using it to extract DNA of E.coli. If you ever recall of what you have learn about how centrifuge, you might come across the term 'supernatant'. After centrifugation, you will realize that there is 2 layers in your tube and the top layer is known as supernatant containing DNA and sometimes RNA depending on the microorganisms you used.

Due to the fact that I had seen many equipments today, I feel a little "jakun" compared to other people. Even simple things such as pipettor, I will blur for a moment. The equipments are just too new to me I guess. Moreover, some of items such as pipettes and tubes are actually disposed after they are used in an experiment. Kind of waste, right? I think so myself. I remember back in schoo days, we need to wash it after we used it because they are expensive. They no longer do that in university (I think should apply for most uni) to avoid contamination of the solution and chemical substance. Now I know why the fees is so high? Kind of make sense, doesn't it?

Talking about DNA, I remember I actually have cow DNA given by my lecturer in one of the class. If you look at DNA for first time, you will think that it is actually a thread because it looks exactly like one. You will thought that it is a DNA because first thing that come to our mind is that, "Isn't DNA a small thing that you can't see it?". Well, if you are saying one complete double helix, then maybe. But of course, DNA that is extracted is not consists of only one strain. So, definitely you can see it. By the way, it is whitish and abit sticky when you touch it. Not something you would see everyday especially in school because in school, there are just too limited budget for such equipments and materials that you need.

Well, I need to get going now, to sleep. And by the way, I realise I had no longer have a longer sleeping time. Most of my class starts in morning. Even my only Wednesday where I can wake up late is gone (for certain weeks) due to Organic Chemistry's practical class which is on 2 weeks once. Got to go now....

Saturday, August 16, 2008

A Week has Passed...

So, there go my first week of uni life...Full of lectures and classes everyday, fuh, I am so tired. In fact, I am a little sleepy now...Why? Because I'm tired lor... Today, I got class from 8am until 2pm when I have 2 hours break. After that, lecture and tutorial until 7pm. It's not over yet, after that, I went for trial for NUS Chess Team. I reached back my hostel around 11.15pm I think. You see, tired or not? Never go out for so long time for long long time... Nowadays, every fortnight, this terrible schedule will happen to me (one of my laboratory session and tutorial only happen 2 weeks once). Not to mention, starting from next week, I no longer have break from 2-4pm on Friday because my English tutorial is starting. Really killing me! (arghh, why I get band 4 for QET, damn regret now!)

If you all don't know, I am currently taking 6 modules (not because I want, excuse me). Generally, people usually take 5 modules per semester (the minimum for each semester I think). Well, I have to take 6 because of the English module that doesn't bring me benefit at all (Because it doesn't help me to graduate). I wonder why do they even have such module. Waste of time in my opinion and also my energy.

Well, at the end of today, I am actually left with a pratical report to do and some other reading especially for my biochemistry module (realised that I am like blur sotong in class). To tell you the truth, I haven't bought a single book for my modules. Why? Because it is so so so expensive (in my opinion. other say it's cheaper than other place). A book itself will cost around s$50 (heart pain when see that price). So, now I waiting for a second book sale in 18 August to get some cheaper books. After all, some books I only use for one semester. Therefore, I don't think it is worth and for others, I may not need it as lecture is quite informative and they are quite the same with my Form 6 subjects. I try to save up some from there (all are in S$, see also eye sore).

Talking about eye sore, I feel like my eyes are half-closed. Going to online awhile. Eh, Friday you know, must appreciate it. Friday never been so precious to me before...

Monday, August 11, 2008

1st Day of Class...

Today is my first day of class. My first lecture is on Basic Organic Chemistry. Well, to tell you the truth, it is exactly like my Form 6 syllabus. It is just a little bit deeper because you need to ask why this is like that etc. It's like refreshing my memories on what I studied last year (mind you, I never touch book for almost a year). It was a bit hard especially when I went through the lecture notes last night because my mind was blank. It is not so bad today when I went to the lecture. My lecturer is a Chinese (come from China I think because of the way he speaks his English) and he is a bit funny lar... So, not that bad because won't have boring lectures (his joke is just enough to make it a little interesting).

After my lecture. I went for lunch and later went to library to study a little. Well, to my amazement, NUS has big library (for my faculty, not to include many other libraries for different faculties). When I am in there, I was actually quite blur because I don't know the procedures. However, I managed to find the book I wan entitled Organic Chemistry by John Mcmurry (my textbook which costs around S$50). I read it up a bit and did a little touch up for my lecture notes. Now, I am looking for second hand book preferably as it is cheaper and I only use for 1 semester I think unless I take up more advance Organic Chemistry.

After my library session, I went to this place called Raffle's Museum, just few floor below the library and just to take a look. It is actually a museum of biological specimens they collected over the past years. I took quite some pictures of it.

Here is some rat specimen below. They are very big you know. I think at least 40 cm. Haha I never measure lar...Then, they got jellyfish specimens.
Next, butterflies and insects. Reminds me of my Form 6 biology projects. I so want back the butterflies specimen we collected. Very nice.
Next, got me and a shark's skull (as a proof I am really here) and also, a little baby shark. A turtle's specimen is here as well.

After that, we got ancient shell (it looks like stone to me, but according to the description, someone donated this specimen which means it is real?), big shell and small shells. Different kind of it.

Oh, we also have preserved leopard cat (which apparent was ran down by a car and gotten it's head crushed. Poor guy, you may not see it from here but its head is actually deformed) and also the famous king cobra (which was beaten up to death). I don't like snake for your information but then, how often can you see a preserved king cobra? Its length is actually 4.3 metre. That is big!

Last but not least, a dugong skull pictures (was extracted from dead dugong they found) and a picture of me with an asian elephant skull. Saw the bone on top of my head? That is actually a femur bone of an elephant. This elephant is not that big, perhaps a young elephant.
So, here is the end of my museum exploration. Though it's not really big but it is filled with different kind of specimens which amazes you. You don't get this kind of exhibition in Malaysia. So, it's really good to actually able to see this collection upclose.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Last Day of Holiday...

I just came back from the TV room after watching news and some movie (I watched before already but boredness caused me to watch it again). Before I went back to my room, I went for a little detour. Where can I go? I went to the roof but however the locked door prevent me from going up to that roof. So, all I could do is just take a little pic from the staircase. Jakun right?

Sorry for the first picture. It is a little bit blur due because I used a camera phone to take and it's night mode not so good. So, if you may wonder what am I trying to show. Well, see the lights in the pictures? It is actually the port there. You may not be able to see it from the picture. Actually, there are thousands of containers stacked and in the day, you can actually see the machinery they used there.

Ok, the 2 pictures below are actually view of my residential areas from that particu

Last but not least, my SS picture sitting at the staircase. Behind me is the locked door (Haiz, detour failed).

Tomorrow will be my first class. It really shows me that my holiday is over T_T. Good and bad lar. Good because no more boring days and bad because no more relaxing. However, tomorrow only got one lecture class because tutorial and lab classes will only begin next week. So, no need to stress for first day of uni.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

If I Must Explain...

Oh, due to some requests that I explain my previous post, I will do so in this post. I wonder how I begin because as I mentioned before, this whole bidding system is very complicated. It took me quite some time to understand it too.

Ok, so here is it. At the beginning of every semester, everyone will be given 1000 points, split into 2 accounts, which are General and Program. How is it split? It varies from course to course but as for me, it is 400 for General and 600 for Program. Given this points, we are supposed to bid for our modules (which are subjects, sorry guys, I need to get used to this term. Therefore, I need to maintain it as modules).

You can imagine this whole bidding system as an auction (in Malay, called lelong). The points given to us represent the money and modules we bid for represent the items being auctioned. So, as in an auction, what we need to do is to bid for modules that we like with our points. However, there are limited space or quota in a modules. Certain modules are available for seniors to bid as well while some are off-limit to them. So, in certain modules, we actually need to fight with our seniors through bidding. Obviously, they have more points than us as they are here longer (duh!) than us. Definitely, we are at disadvantaged. To help us, NUS (my uni lor) had given this protection from seniors by reserving places for us in certain modules (especially Program modules). However, for General modules, we don't have that protection. Of course then, the seniors usually will win over us in bidding. Because of that. we need to choose wisely on our choices of modules and try to get a module on the lowest bidding point (without sacrificing our interest).

Do you understand now? Try to understand it a little, I try to make things as simple as possible...

For me, it is settled for now. No more bidding for this semester. I am happy, my mind is spared for now...

Thursday, August 7, 2008

At Last, But Its Not Over?

Well, to inform you all, my bidding for modules were done. A good thing as that whole bidding system is troublesome in my point of view. Oh, guess what modules I bid? Actually, I was pre-allocated 3 modules for my major and I needed to bid for another 2 more modules (besides of my English language module). Well, the another 2 modules are none other than GEK2500 Living with Chemistry and MA1421 Basic Applied Mathematics for Science (basically its another chemistry and maths module lar....no need to wah the name.... I have no idea why their name must be so "geng" one). I guess that is a good choice as I think I could handle it. Another good point is that I bid it with only 1 point. Good bargain I supposed because we need to save up points for the next semester to fight with our seniors. Haha, complicated isn't it? Well, just say 1 point is way cheap! It is the minimum point to get a module. I don't know why no one wants it as there is way alot of vacancies for it but no demand. Some modules, however, are very popular such as USC2001 Discover Science 1 - Energy can go up to 6895 points!!! I wonder what's so good about that module. That number is high, ok? It may take up to years to save up that point but wait, is that even possible? I have no idea now.

Oh, you may wonder what is the GEK, MA and USC thing that I mentioned. It is actually codes that stands for something. For example, MA is for mathematics and GEK is general education modules. Eh, but the living with chemistry thing is general education module mer? To tell you the truth, I have no answer for you. After all, I am not the one to set that.

Although bidding is over (for me lar, but it is still on for others), another horrible part is coming. BALLOTING!!! For your information, bidding is for modules while balloting is for the module's tuition class and laboratory class. There is alot options. What I need to do is to select those that fit into my schedule. Hopefully, I get what I want. If not, I don't know how. So, now I have to wait and wait and wait....

Monday, August 4, 2008

My Room...

Its been almost a week since I moved in to my hostel. However, I have not show the pictures of it to anyone. So, someone has been complaining and asking me to webcam my room to her. Now, I took 2 pictures of it to show to everyone lor... I no professional photographer, so, sorry if it does not satisfy you.
Taa daa!!! Nothing special lar actually and my room is a little bit messy cause when I go out and come back, usually just dump everything on the table. If some of you think this is a nice room, think again...Cause you haven't see the bad side of it (especially at night). You see, in the morning as early as 8am, there will be a NATURAL alarm clock that doesn't ring but shines straight through to your eyes and to your skin causing you to feel hot and irritated that you can't ignored it. Behold, the sun! Yes, my room faces east and this is terrible to me as I love to sleep and I don't like to be disturbed for no particular reason. Not to mention, at afternoon, the room will be extra warm than usual (now I realise the importance of air-cond). To tell you the truth, even my room back in Subang has no air-cond and I don't feel hot if I sit there whole afternoon (thanks to my jungle house). Here, I can't tahan lor. Either I stay at my bed (cause the fan blow directly at me) or I go down to TV room to enjoy air-cond. A way of escape for me.

However, I think when my class starts, I won't be staying much in this room. Thank God for that! I think I will choose to stay out longer than to come back here early, I think lar...

Sayonara for now...

Saturday, August 2, 2008

The 4th Day in PGP...

If you are expecting a post with alot of pictures, sorry to disappoint you. Not really in mood to take pictures around despite having camera phone nowadays. It's been kind of boring actually during this stay here. Actually, I am supposed to bid for my modules but alot of problems came up. Quite troublesome system we have here. This CORS thing (that's what we called it) can really make you go crazy. Why? Because of troublesome things you have to do. First, we are suppose to bid for another 2 modules besides of my major's allocated modules (even that is a problem, I still haven't received my allocated modules eventhough I went to settle it this morning) and these modules must satisfy our timetable. So, in order to satisfy this timetable, I have to let go some of more interesting module for some other weird or more unknown/maybe boring modules. How sad my life that is?

Secondly, after we had chosen our modules, now it's bidding time. Basically, you are given some points and you are to use this point to bid to get your preferred module. Well, to put in a more understandable explaination, it is like a SHARE MARKET! The only gain is that you get your module and the loss is you don't get it. So, you actually need to bid wisely and I think you need some psychological mind to play along with them. I had met a senior this morning and he is like "Should I bid or should I drop this module?" and he is only bidding for one. What a headache is that to him.

Some troublesome system doesn't make our life any better. Argh! That's what I would like to say here. Stress is building up. Poor me. If any of you would like to join me in NUS, better be ready to deal with this thing. Make sure you get a senior to help you, it'll be easy that way.

I really do miss Malaysia. Been thinking of it quite everyday (not because I am patriotic, I am not, ok?) but to be exact, my communities that are around me especially my gang and my CG. I really do miss you all T_T. I really do enjoy the time we have during past years. Well, I am here and you all are there. What can I do about it? I been waiting for December to come (what lar me... Semester hasn't start already thinking of holiday).

What do I do here everyday, you may ask? Eh, nothing to be exact. More like sleep, makan, online and doing that troublesome thing called CORS. I got no game on my laptop as it is new, so no game lor... So, I am stuck with boringness until my class start officially on 11 August. Why make until so long? Nothing better to do is it? Sometimes, I go down to TV room to watch TV. One way of passing time. Amazingly, there is TV2 and TV3. So, can go watch some Malaysian news and sometimes movie. Singapore's TV stations got no movies to watch one, only their drama. Really no life.

I think I going to stop here.Hopefully got something fun lar in next few days.