Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Checked In To PGP at NUS!

Title says it all. However, some of you may ask where I have been past few days? I am at my brother's place, go 'hang kai' and stuff lor...So, now I am here and nothing can change that fact. Hmm, really miss Malaysia alot (not because I am patriotic) and of course, my kawan-ka
wan baik there.

Now, at my hostel online-ing and typing this post. This PGP really looks like some high class condominium, only that it is a room not a condo. Haha PGP actually Prince George Park, the name of my hostel here. Here is the pic:

How does it looks to you? Good, ok or bad? Got night pictures also....

Not only that, got 3 basketball courts also plus some tennis and badminton courts. I only took basketball courts only.

Yea, so that's quite all I can write for now. Sign off dulu.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

The Night before I leave...

Look like tonight will be the last night I will be in Malaysia.... Kind of sad though, afterall, I lived here for almost 20 years. Gained many experiences, both sweet and bitter times of it.

Anyway, I created this blog to record down my journey to Singapore so that my friends can get a little bit of updates of me, of whether I still alive or dead.

Currently is 4am. Still got around 8 hours...*Time ticking*