Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Happy Chinese New Year!!!

Yay!!! Chinese New Year is here!!! *Celebrate, ang pau and lots of food!*

It has been almost a week since my last post. I realise that I like to type MORE words than to post pictures... The truth is I am ~lazy~ to take picture and upload to computer and then upload to blog unless it is really nice lar... My habit XD

Tomorrow at 8pm, I will be leaving Singapore and going back to Malaysia. I can't imagine spending my Chinese New Year here... Malaysia is still the best place for Chinese New Year.

Well, because I going back earlier than expected, I have to miss one of my CA ( Continual Assessment) on Friday. This CA actually carries 10% mark for my final. Hmph! There is nothing I can do about it. I told my lecturer about it and guess what is his reply? He said, "I am sorry. There is nothing I can do about it. I actually anticipated this but because there is no other day, I have to set it on this date." I was like "..." and I told him nevermind. Then he keep saying, "I am sorry, there is nothing I can do about it" a lot and alot of times. I think I lost count about it. Anyway, my point is I am a little bit frustrated because previously, I bought the ticket before they announce this. *Terrible people, so late ni announce...* Guess I need work harder to overcome those 10 marks lost.

Chinese New Year coming which means a lot people will be leaving for their hometown. I wonder will this Chinese New Year can hang out with friends? Call me out if you are around... Or even come find me! My time here is not long, only up to 3rd day of Chinese New Year...

So, once again Gong Xi Fa Cai to all who celebrate Chinese New Year! *Hmm, forgot got assignments but don't care lar*

Monday, January 12, 2009

Here Comes 2nd Semester!!!

Ok, I don't know why I made the blog title so exciting. Well, in fact who will be excited about it?

But oh well, since that it has already started, lets just talk about it a little. My first class of this semester is actually statistic. Did I mention to you that I did terribly in one of my module that contained statistics? Not that I like to take it but it was allocated to me. So, no choice but I have to take it.

First of all, I need to thank God that my lecturer for this statistics module of mine were more vibrant, animated and speaks in language that I understand (so far lar...). Previously, I got a lecturer that was definitely, definitely monotonous and a mumbler... It's not that he don't know how to speak English (he is an ang-mo by the way...) but he is somehow lazy to talk? Oh well, I just glad that it's over.

Tomorrow, I will have 3 lectures *hmph, terrible*. Let me see... I have Sociology in the morning (I really can't believe I actually took it). In the afternoon, I have Astronomy (I just took it to fufill requirement, not because I like it) and Chinese (trying to graduate from a 'banana' to maybe a 'mango' (because inside and outside also yellow?).

My original plan was actually to minor in management by taking 2 business modules but like my msn display says, "I hate CORS bidding!!!" You may never get my frustration now but trust me, it can be really frustrating when dealing with it. To an extend, you will have that 'whatever' kind of attitude when comes to dealing with it.

So, that is the end of my first day... *Realized that I becoming an Arts students as I travel to Arts' Faculty a lot...*

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Back in Singapore...

It's been second day since I move back to my hostel. The truth is that I already start missing those times I have in Malaysia *Wish that I could be there now*. I have no idea why I am feeling like that. Maybe in my mind, Singapore is a representation of hard times? Maybe it's just me...

Even now, I am actually expecting the coming of Chinese New Year in two weeks time. On those days, I can come back after some ticket-hunting to go back to KL *Yay!!!*. Can you believe this? Buses company started to charge crazily on bus tickets. Shame on you, bus companies!!! Just because it's CNY, you started increasing price knowing that we need to go back!

On the other hand, I need to skip 2 days of class in order to go back to KL and coming back to Singapore. I tried not to skip these classes but then I got no choice lor... I am a good student, ok?

Strangely, I got no inspiration of what to blog about... Just a few days, I feel like blogging alot of stuff. Mental block , I suppose? How sad...

Lastly, just want to show some video I took at Suntec City that I went during one of the days that I am here. Found it to be quite nice lor... Poor quality though...

Friday, January 2, 2009



As I look back to 2008 from 2009's point of view, I was amazed. I personally think that 2008 had not been that great of a year to me. Nonetheless, I was really thankful for the good things and bad things (not for the bad things but) how I managed to pull it through) that had happened to me. Speaking of bad experiences, I realized that 2008 has more bad experiences than previous years. I think that there are many times that I want to break down and cry it all out (in which I could not). Strange isn't it???

This has really lasted for quite some time in 2008 but I think no one actually knew because I never tell? However, my holidays during the whole month of December is really fruitful. I realized that I seriously miss my life in Malaysia. Going to church on Saturday and spending time with my friends in Youth Group are things that I missed the most. SJ2, I really miss all of you! Thank you for spending your precious times with me. I will treasure it always. I hope you all will still be there when I came back for my next long vacation.

Besides that, to all my friends in high school, thank you for the fun 'yumcha' sessions that we have. I will also remember it dearly. Now that my holiday is going to end soon, I am actually 'berat hati' to go back to Singapore. I wish that I could have more time here!

I guess when I am back here, I actually learn more things than the whole year. I did alot of reflections during these times which proved priceless to me. Perhaps my decision to study in Singapore is wrong? Maybe not? Well, to me now, what had happened had happended. Nothing can change that but one thing that I know, I can continue to look towards year 2009 with much hope and anticipations...