Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Blogging to Relieve Stress...

Yeap, so here am I sitting in front of computer after a few torturous hours of maths studying... Conclusion, brain fried! Lol.. Though it look quite easy but there is a lot of concepts that I need to grasp, not to mention the test tomorrow carries 30 marks to the finals. How can I not be stressed ler? I just did the past year test, realised that it killed a lot of my brain cells. Aiyo, this is just test, if final how to cope ler? Let's put that aside for the moment.

From last week until this week, the weather has been terribly hot. Why I say terribly hot? Because back in Malaysia, my room which doesn't have air-con is not as hot as my room here. Back then, I seldom or almost never complain of the heat. Home is still better, isn't it? In this few terribly hot day, I been showering at least twice a day... Sometimes, even 3 times! Today's weather however, is cloudy. From the looks of it, there is a feeling that it will rains but too bad it doesn't. So, end up in my room feeling and complaining of the heat. I saw on news today that in PJ its raining. How nice is that?

I will try to post some pictures of my last week's visit to NUS museum by this week. Hope I can find time to do so. Been really busy actually and uploading those pictures is a little troublesome using blogspot. Need to find time to actually able to do it nicely, I hope...

Got to go back study for maths tomorrow...

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


I am halfway through my break now... I wonder how fast time do pass... Another 4 more days, then it ends. Then, exam comes. Bored! I been studying for it since last Tuesday. You should have seen my bored face. Personally, I slept twice when I open the book today and yesterday. Perhaps, the book got sleeping potion on it as Yit Yee says... Anyhow, doesn't matter got sleeping potion or not, must try to overcome it.

The book I am reading...

Can you see my boring face?FYI, I am not as focus as I am in the picture. In fact, I always lost focus when studying unlike this picture. Wondering to some kind of lala-land...

As I said, I been studying day and night and never really have a chance to go out. I think the only leisure I had was watch a drama about Genghis Khan. Other than that, I played one or two games of Warcraft 3. Lol, now I realised my this few days is quite lifeless. Gotta admit it! Tomorrow will be a little bit different from today because I am going to City area tomorrow. Need to get some important things done which is my Tuition Grant. This Tuition Grant is important because reduce my NUS tuition fees by around 78%. That is alot of money considering it to be in S$. Hmm, I wonder where I should go afterwards... Walking around City alone is not what I really want. Felt kind of lifeless and lonely that way...Anyway, just let tomorrow be tomorrow for now.

As you can see below, this is a building called University Hall in my campus.

Let me tell you a weird thing regarding it. Eventhough it is called University Hall, it has absolutely no function as a hall or a place where function can be held. It is just a bunch of administration offices for NUS. Strange place, isn't it? Maybe, they got no other better name. This building is actually quite near my faculty, basically just next to it but I never bother to come here before until last Monday to settle my Giro thing... At the end of it, I was told that I won't be able to pay my school fees (actually I no need to pay any fees for it -_-' due to fact that the amount of fee have been deducted) through it as it require one month to process. Haiz, why their system so weird want? Well, I don't think I will bother about it for now. Hmph!

That's all for now...

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Of Holiday, Stupidity & Confusion...

Today's post is split to 3 parts as title states. Yea, holiday is here!!! After hard work for 6 weeks I think, I can rest now for a few days (not the whole week). Well, after my break, comes 2 tests in the same week! So how can I have full break throughout this week. Both of this tests actually contribute towards my final. Good is that no need fully rely on finals for good grade but bad thing is that I have to study continuously T_T. No one like to study wan lar and I mean NO ONE! You must be crazy to love studying... I have no choice! Neither do you unless you are the type no need to work for living next time... Then , I nothing to say lor... On the other hand, I will not be back in KL/Subang Jaya during this week because I think its hard to get ticket to go and come back... Somemore, I don't like the bus journey (too long and boring). But, I think I will travel to Johor, still consider Malaysia right? I invite you all to travel to Johor to come and yum cha with me! Just kidding lar, I know you all are busy people.

On stupidity, few days ago, I receive a letter concerning something with my bank account with NUS (method of paying actually). Its called interbank GIRO which is a method of paying my school fees. Well, actually my application was rejected because of some mistakes I make in filling the form. They sent me a letter asking me to fill in new form and return by 10 September!!! I was like '...' . Har, I only got this on 20 September and they asking me to return by 10 September. They think I am what? Can reverse time want? Ish ish, isn't that stupid? Planning to do this on Monday because I need go to bank for some procedure. Nevermind, its not my fault. Hope they still accept. Terrible people...

Lastly on confusion, recently I got this confused feeling. Don't know why actually... I just feeling a little confused on one particular matter... Shall just mention it here, will not go into details...Haha, this Mun Lok damn random, simply write nonsense... Lol, I don't know why, amybe it's holiday. For those not having holiday, don't jealous because I still need to study want. Fake holiday, no wonder they called it break instead of holiday.

Hehe, enjoy yourself...

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Moon Cake Festival...

Last Saturday, while everyone is having fun at Yit Yee's house, I actually went for another Mid-Autumn festival in PGP (my residence) with my friend. So that become my alternative of celebrating mooncake festival. Doesn't look like I got a choice actually. You don't expect me to travel back to Malaysia because I got no holiday and getting ticket to go back will be troublesome.

So, off we went. It wasn't that big but sufficient to let us have the experience of celebration. There are sone activities such as lantern riddles and tea drinking etc. So, I and my friend went for lantern riddle (not in Chinese obviously) and managed to get 4 correct riddles, 2 each. Prizes are 4 packet of sweets (no idea why only sweets) which are currently in my room. Quite big packet want, don't know how I wll finish it. If can finish also, teeth also got hole already. Then, we actually went to moon cake making stall. Yea, so here is my so-not-nice shape moon cake.

Hmm, really out of shape. Maybe I didn't press enough in the mould, still got abit shape of moon cake. LOL (let me keep some face, ok?). It taste like a moon cake lar obviously, just doesn't look like one (y friend's one look more like a proper mooncake). And of course, no diarhoea for me after eating it.

The stalls there are actually quite limited. Then, they got host speaking all the time and trying to draw response from the crowd which in turn being ignored. So sad for them and funny for me to look at them. I think I laugh at them quite a number of time (Mun Lok is so bad!).

I think we finish seeing in one hour, then after that we have dinner. We never go moon sighting lar... We are not that 'romantic' to do so. Of course, no lantern as well. If not, PGP may get on fire.

I still want to eat moon cake even though it's over. I only eat 1/4 of real moon cake and my own made moon cake. So, I would really like to eat more because I like it mar... It's expensive here, no doubt because in Malaysia already complain expensive, what more here...So, nevermind, one day surely can eat more. Next year, perhaps. Maybe you all can consider giving me mooncake next year. LOL.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

I was Conned!

Yes, I was really conned (kena tipu lor). Conned for what? Definitely not for love but really money and my time. You may wonder who want to con me? You have to guess based on this pictures then...

Evidences of being conned...

Another important evidence...

Can you guess??? (What lar this Mun Lok show pictures of his clothes hanging...)

Scroll down for answer

The answer is Dryer no.4 of Laundry Room at Block 20, Residence 4!!! ... (Mun Lok kena conned by a no-brain item called dryer...His IQ must be quite low...)

Yes, I am conned by a dryer... It supposed to dry my clothes for me, end up most of it is still moist. End up have to hang at room. Haihz... Hey, of course I am upset. I pay 60 cents instead of 40 cents I usually does. So, shouldn't it do a better job than a 40 cents job? Not that I am upset with the wastage of 60 cents but the fact I have to hang it around my room and then, got that kind of 'wet wet' kind of smell. This shouldn't happen lar.

Actually, before I put my clothes into that PARTICULAR DRYER, I thought why this is empty while the rest is full. I thought to myself maybe it got a little bit of problems. I admit... I accidentally cursed that dryer which reflect back to me. At the end the day, I am the one receiving all the bad stuffs... (Brilliant Mun Lok got power to curse himself!)

So, yeah, now I have to wait untill tomorrow for it to dry... At least a day of hanging and blowing by fan... Mun Lok oh Mun Lok...

Monday, September 8, 2008

Kind of Lost...

Tomorrow will be my Organic Chemistry test... Just studied for it, now my brain like a bit numb. This is only beginning of my misery I guess. What will be tested tomorrow is only 6 chapters and I am already like that. I wonder what will happen to me at the final exam. Never mind, now my brain is a bit empty. Suddenly I like at lost what I should do. Somehow, I feel like there is something I need to do but I don't know what is it... Over-studying effect I guess.

Well, turn out that I rather miss Malaysia food. I actually told one of my friend and she reply, "Eh, I thought Malaysia food and Singapore food are the same?" The answer is almost, around 80%. But then food choices here is quite limited. For example, Pan Mee here is only soup based, don't have the dry type one (also happen to be my favourite). See, sad right? And then even that soup based Pan Mee is a bit different, and also the sauce. Of course, chicken rice is everywhere, in almost every canteen I see. Actually, almost all the food is same, only slight varitation in style of cooking. The funny thing is one time I actually saw on Singapore Channel that they are actually promoting Penang food. I think even Singaporean think Malaysia food is nice.

Since I say Singaporean food is like that bad, what do I usually eat? Hmm, almost everything so that I won't get bored of eating it. Usually, I will eat rice for dinner because won't get hungry so easily and I asked for additional rice as well XD. My option? Sometimes mixed rice, sometimes dai-chao (don't know correct or not but the meaning is actually fry dish I think?) Pardon me for my lack of knowledge. Well, so far what I like about their food here is actually the big portion and also cheap (don't convert to RM lar. sure more expensive) in their S$. Taste is abit lacking actually. You may eat and think something is wrong with their tastebuds (no offence). But then, have to cope with it lor, no choice. Hehe kind of miss mamak food in Malaysia. Mamak stall is rare here, maybe somewhere which I don't know. There is roti canai but teh tarik is missing! How can??? Of course, no roti tissue here... December, faster come!

Until then...

Friday, September 5, 2008

Really, really busy...

Yeah, my post says it all. I do not really much time recently. Basically, for most of the days, my class starts in the morning either 8 or 10am and may end at around 4 or 6pm. When I reach my room, I am actually half dead/half alive. Then at night, I need to study, do tutorials, lab reports and sometimes assignments as well. It is hectic not because there are a lot but rather because the knowledge gained through the class is quite deep. Due to that, I need to digest it slower and need to put more time to understand it better (It is definitely tougher than Form 6). A lot of concepts I need to get familiar with, especially my Organic Chemistry, Biochemistry and Molecular Genetic modules. One of the important concept we must always try to apply is 3D concept in my point of view. This is especially true in Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry where you need to begin look at 3D structure of each chemical or biological compounds and how this affects their properties. Complicated huh? I think so because in Form 6, 3D concept is not much stressed upon. Now, it is different. Wake up, Mun Lok from your relax mindset!!!

On the other hand, for my CCA (co-curricular activities), I am officially accepted for NUS Chess Team. I guess I just made it, barely. Well, my skill is quite rusty and concentration level is not that high compared to other people. I just can't simply sit there and think about 10 steps ahead of the game. It is just not me. Perhaps, it is not me to play this way but sometimes, miracles do happen. For example, I, sometimes, somehow manage to concentrate throughout whole game at the cost of my nerve cells.

You may ask, got anything that is nothing to do with using your mind? Eh, for now is a no! Maybe except for my sleeping time where my brain is spared. I think I going to be stupid one day because all my nerve cells going to die due to overusage of it. Haha, awaiting for holidays in around 2 weeks' time.

Meanwhile, studying hard for organic chemistry test on Monday and thinking of how to write report for molecular genetic laboratory sessions....