Tuesday, November 11, 2008

After so much trouble, at last... Don't know what happen to my Mozilla Firefox. Having problem to upload the pictures even today. I actually used IE to do so (which happens to be my least favourite browser). Hope it will be okay the next time I used it.

Well, just want to show you some pictures for my trip to the City last week. Haha a bit poor quality lar because I take with my handphone's camera unless someone would be kind enough to sponsor me a camera? Would appreciate that... Hehe

So, I actually went around the Singapore River at the Marina Bay area? If you don't know what am I talking about, you can always google for a map of Marina Bay in the internet.I actually went there with my brother and cousin (who is not really first time here but haven't been here for a long long time, get it?)... Well, so we just bring him around considering we settled at Singapore for quite some time.

Here is it.

The view of the city by the Singapore River... Looks a bit like KL, right? Except for the river (Unless you want compared to Klang River XD). If you can see one building with alot of lights, that is actually Fullerton Hotel (very grand you know!)

The Singapore's Durian : Esplanade (Can you see which one? Its the one on the left). A place where you can watch all those theatre stuff and performance... Ignore the couple please...

Different view from the Singapore River. Not so clear here but you can actually see Eye of Singapore from here (yea, the one that is round and got light one)

And, of course, the Merlion Statue. Singapore's icon...

I actually didn't take much pictures. But if you are here, you can actually see many light decoration around the city. Well, it's a tourism area after all. Maybe, you can come sight-seeing one day for those who haven't been here. Just look see look see...

Monday, November 10, 2008


Apparently, I can't upload my pictures... Been trying whole afternoon and evening but nothing came out. So, looks like I have to do it other days... Sorry, everyone!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Someone Complain about Me of not Updating my Blog!!!

And that someone is no other than my dear friend, Jess Loke! Haha, sorry Jess, not trying to pull you here for no reason. It is just so happen when I want to update my blog and there you are asking about it. I been busy lately + a bit of slacking even though my Finals is coming around 3 weeks time. Heck! Why am I talking about it here??? Spoiled my mood ni...

Well, it appears that I do a bit of travelling nowadays! Last Sunday, I actually went to this place called Jurong East to check out the place since my friend, Fui San said that got shopping mall there. Also, because that particular day is so hot and I dread for some air-con. So, I actually tell myself to get out of my room. So, I end up there but too bad I didn't take any picture there. Shopping mall ni mar right? Malaysia also got!!

Since there is no picture of that place, I will elaborate no further. This week or rather today, I went to different place. It is no other than Holland Village. According to Wikipedia.com (yes, I am so happy can use wikipedia as source because in my assignment, it is not accepted!!! Check out my last post if you don't know what I talking about), "Holland Village was named after Holland Road which in turn was named after Hugh Holland in 1907. Hugh Holland was an early resident in Singapore, he was an architect and an amateur actor." I don't really know the history of it but I heard that it used to be a quiet place with no entertainment or things like what I see today.
Yeap, so I end up there eating and just walk around. Show you all some pictures now.

First two picture is the same place, just one is more focus on the shop and one is overall...

This is still Holland Village... See the building on the right? I just ate at that place... And the background kind of spoil the picture? It doesn't give you the feeling that it is Holland Village...
If you don't know, that is HDB flats if I not wrong. Basically, almost everywhere in Singapore you will see this. It is basically their "landmark".
This is another part of Holland Village. Well, this whole street is filled with bars and restaurant. Kind of reminding me of Bangsar. Do you agree with me?

You may think, "What Mun Lok is doing in such places?" Actually, I just passing by and exploring. I never enter those bars and stuffs... Too expensive for me lah... I accidentally pass by all the menu and took a peek. It all costs around S$ 20. I am a Malaysian, no money like those 'ang moh'.

I end up walking around that area around half an hour? Its quite a small place. After that, I actually went to Cold Storage for a little shopping and then, I head home.