Saturday, February 7, 2009

~~Slacking off... ~~

I had not been busy lately, seriously! Sure, I have some tutorials and assignments to do but somehow, after doing all these, I still had some free time... With that, I choose to slack (I think it's the influences of someone I know...). Although not entirely free, but just free enough to slack.

I assured you that being a university student is not as easy as it might be. Almost everyday, I have classes from 10am to 6pm with Friday being free on alternate weeks. When my class are done at 6pm, I will usually head back to my room. For some unknown reason, I will usually feel very tired by then. I guess I got no stamina? Even more after Chinese New Year, my slackness seems to have increase for 50%... I don't recall being in such a state in the past *Thinking hard, reflecting on my memories...*

Oh well, enough with that... In my previous post, I remember blogging about me taking a Chinese lesson in my university. Well, I got a good news. I did learn some Chinese words after all. A very simple one though, nothing worth bragging but just enough for sharing. I think even a Standard 1 student can beat me in it... Still, its worth mentioning as before I don't even know a single word (Ok, I do admit knowing how numbers look like).

I would like to show you my Chinese textbook and workbook... Quite 'chunt-ed' one, ok, being produced by Beijing University... *Kua jiong-nya*

Of course, some additional exercise besides those from textbook and workbook... Hehe, its all my writing, no cheating. May not look so nice though, beginner anyway...

One of the thing about the Chinese language module that I have is that it have a rather heavy workload with 4 hours of lecture each week and 2 hours of tutorial. Phew! Really spend a lot of time of it, not only in school, but also at home. Really not easy... I still a bit suck in determining tone for 'hanyu pinyin' during listening... Wah, a quiz coming somemore... Sure fail in it one!

Aside from my Chinese language, I still got other module such as sociological studies and understanding the universe (both are optional modules) requiring me to start preparing for its project... For sociological studies, I find it too be a bit deep and require some micro-observation and analysis in which I still not so good yet. It gonna be hard as I need to prepare a presentation on social issues of family or deviance in the coming month or so??? Understanding the universe or astronomy in simple word, on the other hand, have a project that is essay-based. It is basically about reviewing an astronomy article. Of course, it is a group work but I think it require a lot of personal research and studies. Thinking of this both do tense me up...
~Hope it to be over soon~

Anyway, just for a tease... Look down.... Way down....

The unknown side/secret image of Lee Shang Shi!!! Dang dang dang!!! *Taken during mamak session before CNY*

Enjoy your week!!!

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Beh Shao Min said...

HEy Mun Lok~ It's great that you're taking Chinese in Uni..I will be too! =D hehehe...I think it's a great jumpstart to learning the language even after uni.. =) take care in singapore..