Monday, March 9, 2009

Missing for a month or so???

I guess I did went missing for some time.... Haha been really lazy and busy lately as well. My mid-term is 3/4 over for now. Left only my Chinese mid-term on Thursday. I am still amazed how people were amazed that I am learning Chinese! Chinese cannot learn Chinese want ar? I admit I was banana and am still banana. Just managed to learn to read some words but at a very very slowwwwwww pace that is... I am trying very hard to remember the new words ever since I graduate from Chinese kindergarten last week (according to my lecturer that is). I guess I am still surviving due to my Cantonese background. Without it, I think I will be a 'sotong' most of the time...

In the mean time, I still got a lot of assignment to do... I just managed to finished one today(hopefully that is...) and I realize I got one more to go (a 1000 essay kind) and one more to come this Friday... *Horrors* what happen to my happy, stress-free life??? Oh no! I haven't Google the info I need for it...*Must learn to relax*

Talking about stress, I not sure if any of you know this... Apparently in NTU, Singapore, there had been 2 suicide cases concerning an undergraduate and a graduate. What actually happen to the first student is that his scholarship was revoked and he went to stab his professor (which is still alive today)... After that, he slit his wrist and jump down building. I guess he really stressed. The second one, is a newly graduate who recently was retrenched and was hired by NTU to be some kind of Project Officer... Just 5 days into his work, err, well, he decided to hang himself at his hostel. His housemate must be horrified to find him like that...

The coincidence thing is that both of them were from EEE (I think is Electrical and Electronic Engineering)... I guess EEE is really inhumane in NTU?

So, that is regarding stress... Of course, Singapore being Singapore, the kiasu spirit is also present in NUS... However, this is not a suicide case... Just one of the exchange students well drink alcohol while on medication... This lead to complication and causes him to have breathing difficulties and later died as a result of it. The weird thing that this happen at my hostel. Which block, however, I do not know. And the funny thing is that I didn't notice the commotion that time because I was sleeping soundly. It was 5 a.m. anyway, I shouldn't be awake for that...

This 3 cases happened over just 2 weeks and everyone is basically talking about it...Talk about being famous...For the wrong reason though. Tough life here in Singapore with all the recession talk going around. People are easily agitated due to that? I don't know but it is easy to blame all the problem on media because they stresses us too much!

I think it's time for me to sleep...Hopefully, there won't be fourth case. If not, I think Singapore Uni are cursed!

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