Thursday, May 28, 2009

Holiday #1...

It has been around 2 and half week since I came back for holidays, and of course, I spent a lot too... Once I came back, got so many activities with my friends. I realized I got quite a number of friends for me to spend so much from just going out with them.

Of course, it has been greatly relaxing for past few weeks with ONLY ONE exception, I need to practice for my chess tournament this Saturday. To tell you the truth, I only started playing some chess puzzles (which I found out to be not so enriching). Although I plan to study some openings, I failed to do so with the lack of resources and definitely, motivation as well. Well, you see its holiday and I been really tired and drained of energy for my 1st year of study *realized that I don't like to study after all*. Chess to me, is something I played for fun and when it comes tournament, I can really scratch my head and sometimes have weird imaginations before I sleep *I wonder why*. Yeap and tomorrow I am flying to Singapore for it. *T_T* I really don't want to leave Malaysia now, not when I am enjoying my holiday.

Haihz.... *ok, Mun Lok, look at bright side... Its just a few days away* Let me share a bit of what have been happening this past 3 weeks. There has been a lot of yumcha sessions (I think I spent quite a lot on it)... And then, yesterday, went for my first karaoke session in my entire life in the public with Shang Shi , Ping Ying and SS's son, Yik Mun. Well, got few people who last minute ffk... Thats why so little... We sing until our throats are all dry because the karaoke centre let us continue to sing eventhough our limit's over. We been waiting, and waiting for them to tell us to stop but they didn't... Haha, they like to sing a lot of emo songs too and those that require high pitch songs... How can we survive through that?

After that, we went for fishing (except for Ping Ying because she needs to work)... Again, its my first time! We went from 4pm until around 8 pm... Guess what did I catch??? A lot of "pak guo" (I hope you know what I mean)... I guess the fishes there don't like me. There are few times when the fishes bit but I a bit slow (beginner mah...) and they are gone! At least, Shang Shi and Yik Mun caught something eventhough it is small. I shall try my best again!!! *I think we should the venue for fishing ler next time. I think the fish are biased against me*

Yesterday was also a very memorable time to me besides losing my "first-times" in karaoke and fishing. What happened was an close friend of mine from Secondary school begin to talk to me on MSN. I was quite suprised too as we lost contact for almost one and half year. Well, we begin to chat and she told me about what happened to her for the past one and half year. As she share, it struck me on how I have never care enough for her especially in those times that she needed someone there beside her to help her through. But I am glad that she told me what happened and still considered me as her close friend. I recalled she told me that she only can share these things to me. Right now, I just want to help her get back up and walk back on the right track. I hope I can really help her as I already lost this friendship for 1.5 year and I don't want to lose it the second time.
I had learned how important for us to treasure the relationships around us in our conversation.

Yea, so that a little update on my holidays as of today... Oh, and this Friday my results for 2nd semester is out. I hope I do well considering one of my module gives me a feeling that I will fail... Really hope I don't so that I won't have to replace it next semester... *Pray, pray, pray...*

*Looking forward for greater memories during these holidays...*

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