Sunday, July 5, 2009

Holiday #2...

Oh no, now to think of it, its already July... That is darn fast! Seeing all my ex-schoolmates going back to uni made me felt kind of '...' (I don't know what to say, but its something sad I guess). Not to mention CORS bidding for my modules going to being in like 2 weeks. I still don't know my core modules yet despite that. *Wonder why NUS so inefficient in this* Hence, I have no idea what modules I should take. Haihz, headache headache.

I shall not be distracted by that in the moment. Must see what I can do in this holiday.

  1. More yumcha sessions (Eventhough there are overspending probabilities...)
  2. Another time of futsal, perhaps?
  3. Go for all the church services in DUMC (Really enjoyable) this month.
  4. Eat all the nice foods that are around especially those you cannot find in Singapore. (Eh, I think most cannot find leh....)
  5. Sleep more! Definitely, without affecting my bio-clock although long time affected already.
  6. Play more PC games? Just downloaded The Sims 3 a week ago...
  7. Hang kai more... I just love to window shopping, kind of an entertainment to me... XD
  8. I have no more ideas!!! Can you suggest some?!?!
And of course, things that I need to do:

  1. Book an airplane ticket back to Singapore...Although I am not sure about the date yet...
  2. Do some packing especially books that I may need to bring back.
  3. Do my CORS bidding... T_T
  4. Clean up my laptop and maybe buy a cover for my keyboard.
  5. Fix my shoe...
  6. Practice my chess? *Lost some spirit in me...*
The list is kind of short... Oh never mind, not like I wanted it to be long anyway.Hehe, I think I am off to eat something... *Wave hands*

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